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516 Glenrock Ave
Phone: 310-824-0833
Average User Ratings (17 Ratings)
Overall: 5.6Manager: 4.8
Noise: 5.6Grounds: 4.8
Safety: 8.1Parties: 6.2
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Distance: 16 Minutes
Layouts: 2 Bedroom
Parking Available: Underground Parking Available

Pool, Jacuzzi, fireplaces, trash compactors, central air and heating, laundry facilities

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Date Posted: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 report
Overall: 9Manager: 10
Noise: 9Grounds: 9
Safety: 10Parties: 10

The apartment itself is in a great location. You are not on the main street of frats, so you won't be bothered by their noise, and you aren't too far from campus. I can't think of one time when I had trouble sleeping due to noise inside the apartment. The manager is chill as hell. He's not one of those that is always on you for w/e small reasons. The apartments themselves are pretty clean. I'm not sure what these people are saying with the cockroaches, maybe they weren't keeping their rooms clean, but I haven't had a single bug problem. We have thrown multiple parties here and never had the cops called on us so the people inside are chill as well. I'm definitely resigning my lease and plus this apartment has some GREAT views. I always get compliments about it when people come over.

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 report
Overall: 7Manager: 9
Noise: 5Grounds: 7
Safety: 9Parties: 7

Regardless of the negative reviews below, this is a great apartment. I have lived here for a year and my unit did not have any cockroach/rat issues. Focus on keeping your place clean and emptying your trash rather than blaming the administration and you'll probably be just fine. The pool and hottub are great, although they aren't always heated properly which can be a bummer sometimes. The apartment manager is really cool and has always been helpful to us as long as you are polite and conscious of everyone's needs. Overall I would definitely recommend this building.

Date Posted: Sunday, June 6th, 2010 report
Overall: 1Manager: 1
Noise: 4Grounds: 1
Safety: 1Parties: 3

COCKROACHES!!!! Rat IN my f**** Living room first week we moved in... BULLSHIT... they "spray" to exterminate the roaches and make you leave for what 6 hours? and there are even more fucking roaches lol. I hate this place and at one point had a mental breakdown and started crying cuz i didnt even want to enter my kitchen. Oh yeah and our Fridge smells like utter shit and thats since the day we moved in. PLEASE dont live here if you know what is good for you... cheap yea... worth it FUCK NO trust me

Date Posted: Monday, April 12th, 2010 report
Overall: 6Manager: 8
Noise: 7Grounds: 7
Safety: 9Parties: 8

We had the worst experience with this apartment at the begining of the year: roaches, stained walls, mold in the bathroom, you name it! After winter break, though, we got a new manager, and the place had a real make-over. You still see the occasional roach once in a while (I personally havent seen any in 3 months), and the new manager is friendly and fixes things within a decent period of time. Only thing that is annoying is that whenever neighbors have parties, you can hear their echos from the inside of the patio area...

Date Posted: Monday, September 7th, 2009 report
Overall: 2Manager: 1
Noise: 6Grounds: 2
Safety: 3Parties: 4

The apartment has mold in the ceilings and walls that made me very sick. The manager and owner denied it and tried to act like doctors and rediagnose my problem. Scheisters, liars, and rude. They refused to get a mold inspector out and were furious that I would even suggest the possibility of mold despite my doctor's note saying that that's what caused my respiratory problems. The apartment is also rampant with bedbugs, dust, and out of date. For some reason our balcony slanted more and more, but that was "normal" as the manager put it. My safety rating is so low for this building because we had police officers barge into our apartment with guns drawn at 2am and dragged us out into the hallway with our hands behind our backs because they said that they had chased someone into our building. The front door is constantly broken. We had almost no counter space in our kitchen thanks to the second microwave since they keep the broken one that's attached to the oven in the kitchen. Only live here if you want to risk mold and bedbugs, and dealing with a thick-headed and obnoxious manager. It's only redeeming qualities were the awesome view we had of UCLA from our balcony, and the relatively cheap rent for Westwood ($2600 for 2 bedrooms/bathrooms + utilites (gas, DWP, cable/internet)). I strongly do not recommend this apartment to anyone.

Date Posted: Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 report
Overall: 6Manager: 1
Noise: 3Grounds: 5
Safety: 10Parties: 6

I don't live here, but I checked this place out for rentals. The central area in the middle of the complex is nice. The problem is that the young male manager and whoever the dark skinned lady is (indian?) are rude and go crazy on simple questions about the apartment. If they are that rude to simple questions, then I asking them to fix problems will be a pain in the ass. I only checked their unit for rent because of the low price, but now I know why it's so cheap. Save yourself the time and don't bother coming here. It's not worth it.

Date Posted: Saturday, June 20th, 2009 report
Overall: 9Manager: 10
Noise: 8Grounds: 9
Safety: 10Parties: 6

The manager is a very nice and helpful guy. I liked this place a lot.

Date Posted: Sunday, June 14th, 2009 report
Overall: 1Manager: 1
Noise: 2Grounds: 2
Safety: 9Parties: 3

My roommates and I live next to the manager. They are always yelling at each other. They are both incompetent and rude. Both of our bathrooms have had multiple problems, that have caused flooding in our bedrooms. Our friends upstairs have had rats in their apartment. We keep the place incredibly clean, but the managers keep the place in poor condition. They paint over mold, and duct tape pipes instead of fixing these problems properly. Recently our bathroom sink overflowed with brown water, due to plumbing problems from upstairs. Pipes were leaking, and many of our belongings underneath the sink were damaged. We called the managers at home, as well as on their emergency the number even though it was late because we needed their help. They told us they would call someone in the morning and refused to come look at the problem. The next day I went to see them about the problem. The manager began yelling at me and told me to use my "common sense" next time and to not call them so late and that they were asleep. (The time we called was around 1:00/1:30am) I asked her why she was yelling at me, and told her that our bathrooms have had multiple problems and that they need to come over and look at the bathrooms because they are in really poor condition. She told me that it is not her property, and effectively not her problem. I told her that we will not be returning, and that the building is a "piece of sh.." As I turned the corner to head back to my apartment, she said "you're a piece of sh.." Do not move to Glenrock 516. The management is horrible, even if they seem nice at first. Even if you think they have fixed your problems, it is only temporary. Overall the apartment is in poor condition. It is not worth the rent, I would gladly pay more money to live in a place with better conditions and management.

Date Posted: Thursday, June 11th, 2009 report
Overall: 3Manager: 1
Noise: 6Grounds: 2
Safety: 9Parties: 3

I've lived here for a year now with my roommates and I have the unfortunate unit next to the manager but this place is a dump. The management is ridiculously terrible and they do take weeks to fix simple problems, if they ever get to it. Today my sink flooded and when I called the emergency number he simply asked me "what do you want me to do?" THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY NUMBER?! It's dirty and smells. My roommates and I work really hard to keep our own unit clean and have been lucky with keeping out the bugs but it's only because we are really aware of the mess. Trust me the overall manager rating is not because I don't like them as people. They yell at each other every morning and then yell at tenants when they ask questions or request repairs. It's really unprofessional and downright rude. DO NOT move here if you have any other option.

Date Posted: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 report
Overall: 10Manager: 10
Noise: 9Grounds: 9
Safety: 10Parties: N/A

The manager of the building is very friendly and very helpful whenever any problem arises. The manager takes real good care of the facilities in the building. The building is very calm and maintained well. Parking is available for affordable rates.

Date Posted: Thursday, May 28th, 2009 report
Overall: 6Manager: 6
Noise: 5Grounds: 6
Safety: 9Parties: 6

managers are realllly nice. the only people posting crap comments b/c they broke apartment rules and had to face repercussions. this is a fine building, not the nicest on earth but totally acceptable and livable. it's safe, the managers are nice and decent, and if you're decent to them you'll get good treatment in return.

Date Posted: Monday, December 1st, 2008 report
Overall: 3Manager: 1
Noise: 3Grounds: 3
Safety: 8Parties: 3

The management is truly horrible. It takes weeks for them to get around to fix anything. They were rude to me and my roommates countless times after asking for simple things. Some of the apartments are infested with bed bugs and the management did not take the proper steps to eradicate the bugs that the company said they should do. The apartment was falling apart and it took weeks for the management to fix everything. Overall, the location is not bad, but it is NOT worth it.

Date Posted: Thursday, June 5th, 2008 report
Overall: 8Manager: 7
Noise: 8Grounds: 3
Safety: 8Parties: 8

4th floor has high ceilings and an awesome view. 409 woot woot.

Date Posted: Saturday, May 17th, 2008 report
Overall: 6Manager: 1
Noise: 8Grounds: 2
Safety: 8Parties: 8

(No comments were left for this rating)

Date Posted: Thursday, May 15th, 2008 report
Overall: 8Manager: 6
Noise: 3Grounds: 6
Safety: 7Parties: N/A

Corner rooms are pricier, but much roomier. Cell phone reception is great. Not all appliances work. Find an apartment that gets lots of natural lighting. You'll appreciate it!

Date Posted: Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 report
Overall: 7Manager: 8
Noise: 5Grounds: 4
Safety: 7Parties: 9

There were roaches in the beginning, but we don't have a problem with that anymore. We've had a couple parties, no cops were ever called.

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 report
Overall: 3Manager: 1
Noise: 4Grounds: 4
Safety: 10Parties: 9

We had cockroach infestation the day we moved in. After those "disappeared", we got bed bugs. yay.